Tick-Tock goes the Big Ben?

Big Ben is one of the biggest attractions in London. Everyone is secretly thinking to themselves, "why?! It is a clock?" Trust me I understand your confusion. However, this clock is made famous in so many blockbuster hits. Peter Pan, anyone? In this childhood favorite we watched them land on Big Ben as Peter Pan uttered "Second star to the right and straight on til morning." If you're big fans of Mary-Kate and Ashley, which really, who isn't? You'll recognize Big Ben's appearance in their movie Winning London. To be honest, we haven't seen James Bond but we like to assume that Big Ben makes an appearance in at least one movie, right? Anyone? No? Okay well moving on, Doctor Who fans, you've seen Big Ben. Apparently they broke Big Ben. So if you catch yourself trying to check the time, get a watch because it's broken. Thanks Doctor Who. Big Ben is a major attraction and while you can't actually go inside, it's worth taking the time to see it. It is a major icon for this wonderful city and how often do you get to say you've been somewhere everyone in the world recognizes. 

-Jenna Jordan

See, We did go!