If I Could Only Get The Support

I would love to get elected to Congress for just one term. One two-year term is all I would want. My objective would be to harass them all in their offices, berate them from the House floor, call them out in news conferences and vote against every tax increase, entitlement package and pork barrel bill. I would introduce legislation to cut allocations of money to ALL foreign nations, cut spending for frivolous projects, and to cut out their special 'insurance' and paydays for life. It would be the most glorious two years of my existence and I would shame them all. None of my bills would pass and none of my votes would be on the winning side, but I guarantee you that every last one of those cretin usurpers would HATE me and throw the wildest party at the end of my term. I would vow not to run for re-election and I would keep that vow...unlike the other powermongers among them.

I can see it now. I would be deemed the Mad Hatter from Texas. The Texan Maniac. The Insane Incumbent. Those are only the ones that can be printed. There would be no sacred cows in Washington. I would demean the president, the senate, and the representatives on both sides of the aisle. For once, we would have a working man who really knows the people of his constituency and would speak for them with rage and angst that would equal the blasts of heat from a fiery hell. I wouldn't be some high-falutin' rich cat that has infected those most hallowed halls of what once housed honourable men who truly sought what was best for the American people. These parasites on our society would loathe every moment of coming to work, fearing every second they were there that I might come in with my bombastic style and dive right in to their miserable comfort zone and tell them exactly what the American people think of them. I should know, because I am an American people.

They dither and dather and pontificate and obfuscate and defecate over one another like snakes in a mad, sexual frenzy and all they seem to be able to do is bring us further under control of their cold and clammy clutches. All they seem to be able to do is chip away at our way of life and suck out as much blood and money as they can take into their bloated and cavernous maws. All they seem to be able to do is reduce us further into a cattle pen, keeping us caged up while they get stronger as rulers and throw away the honor of being our representatives.

Oh and how they would shun me. I would be put on the worst committees. Given the worst detail. Kept out of the loop. Yes, when it would come to my time for speaking on the floor, it would be empty. They would schedule me to speak at 3AM and all would be gone. Yet, my words would ring out. I would make sure at least one reporter was there and I wouldn't care how he reported on me. He could be as caustic as he wanted to be about how worthless a congressman I was. For the media is just as sick and twisted as our government is. They are as deeply embedded between the sheets with these dictators as any two dollar whore. The whole lot of them are.

Would be that God would find it in his will to grant me the support necessary to enable me to point a gnarly finger at the likes of Sheila Jackson Lee, Dianne Fienstein, Harold Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, and the rest of that traitorous lot and rain down on them the very fires of the righteous indignation that should be coming their way every single day they sit on their thrones and look down their noses upon us...the very ones who put them there in the first place. We might not be able to cast them out, but all it would take is one person with no thought of power, no thought of re-election, no thought of becoming like them...to cast them down with the power of speech into the pit of judgment and call them out for what they are...liars, usurpers, traitors, parasites and an enemy of the people they claim to serve. I would even attack the Supreme Court, for they too have lifted themselves up to rule over us. (NOTE: I understand some of the above are senators, but I would get to them, too.)

However, it will never happen. Our entire nation has been so pussified that real men...on a grand scale...do not exist any longer. There are only individuals...a few pockets...men's men here and there and not enough to take them by storm in the very snake den they live in.  No, the American voter is a stupid bunch and that's why those in Washington look at us like sheep. The American voter doesn't want to send in a warrior who will break the status quo like Moses did the Ten Commandments. They want to send in somebody who will get along and get something done. So, how's that been working out for the American voter so far? Eh? It's about time an honest to goodness un-housebroken slovenly loose lipped maverick who didn't care what any of those trollops thought about him was elected to office and sent there for one purpose, and one purpose only. And that would be to cause as much havoc and hell as possible in two years' time. It would be magnificent if it could happen. Absolutely magnificent.