My 2013 Predictions

I predict the current record holder for oldest person in the world will die in 2013.

I predict that Nancy Pelosi will only get uglier in 2013.

I predict that Barack Obama will be inaugurated to his second term as President in 2013.

I predict that a plethora of celebrities will speak on a plethora of issues as if we care what they have to 2013.

I predict the Palestinians will fire at least one rocket into Israel in 2013.

I predict that Princess Kate Middleton will have a child in 2013.

I predict Greece will ask for more money from the European Union in 2013.

I predict my Western novel, Hell's Gunman, will be released in 2013.

I predict cold weather for Russia in 2013.

I predict there will be unrest in the Middle East in 2013.

I predict Iran will continue to be a pain in the neck in 2013.

And finally, I predict Houston will have a hot summer in 2013.

Remember, the Bible says the test of a true prophet is that what he says will come true with 100% accuracy. Watch and learn people, and be very afraid if I speak a prophecy about YOU!!!!!