We're all doing great!

As noted previously here on Deckboss, the state is conducting a major performance review of the Community Development Quota program.

Launched 20 years ago, the CDQ program reserves a share of the lucrative Bering Sea fisheries for the benefit of disadvantaged Western Alaska villages. Six nonprofit companies manage fish and crab harvests on behalf of village groups.

A panel comprised of Alaska's commerce, labor and fish and game commissioners have been quietly conducting the program review.

Curiously, no public hearings have been held. The review presumably will wrap up around the end of the year, but who knows.

The state at least has seen fit to post review reports from the six CDQ companies.

These are essentially self-evaluations, with each company assessing its financial performance and success in creating jobs and opportunity.

Based on these reports, all the groups are doing just wonderful work out there.

The performance review does have some consequence. If a CDQ company is deemed to have underperformed, officials can take away as much as 10 percent of its quota and redistribute it among the other companies.