Music Music Music!

Okay, New Years Eve was fun..avoided the annoying places and saw a show then wandered around half drunk til late. This year is all about being productive for me. Right now I have zero income but for some dough that comes in from our albums selling. It is not enough to live on but John and I have 4 projects coming out this year. Our new album Take a Look at that Baby is two songs away from being done and the artwork is almost done as well. Spending the summer in France was basically a test run to see if we liked it there enough to spend more time in Sauve, where the Crumbs live in their beautiful old castle. We loved the village..met a ton of people and made friends and performed several times and we were welcomed very warmly by all. Our shows were packed..entire town came out and the next few towns over too..a little medieval village can get a little dull for a social, city girl like me but to live there part of the time with all of Europe open to me for travel? HELL YEAH. Spain, Italy, Germany, the UK..big cities are  so close and i have yet to see many of them!

Finding work is hard for me..I leave town a lot and have a weird schedule..and i don't bartend or waitress. No one I know who does makes much money doing so anyway from what they tell me. My goals this year are to first of all find some up some money for French classes, learn guitar..not the dozen chords I already know, but REALLY learn it..get these projects out into the world, promote and book the band better and a lot more, eventually spend half of the year in Europe. We are being given a small apt there that is attached to the Crumbs house. It sits empty much of the time and they want us to have it so we can come there when we feel like it and hang out, record and play gigs. I am also slowly writing down some adventures I have had and may try to turn it into a book or something at some point if it goes well.

In the meantime, I am all about the music. Here are some youtube clips of some of the songs we are covering on our upcoming album. Enjoy and happy we didn't die yet year!