These people must get common-sense injections for our sake

I remember writing once here about inconsiderate and unrealiable people. Unfortunately, right now I'm going to expand the list, because of course these people can only duplicate and multiply, hatching even more inconsiderate children and grandchildren, and one day in the future, they are going to rule the world, and well, good luck to us all.

You may say I'm exaggerating, but I'm really not. Everything begins with small things, right? If common sense can't even grasp the 'small' things, then what chance does it have towards the big ones? Exactly the point, if people can be so inconsiderate in such frivolous issues, what makes you think they can deal differently in a life-and-death situation?

First example. My sister was in the train a few days ago and due to the peak hours, it was packed and she had to stand by the door, pressed and nudged from every direction. At one point, the train made a sudden movement, and a guy in front of her literally fell down to her. His whole greasy, sweaty, and not to mention, heavy body, in all its glory, shoved my sister, and he didn't even look back, let alone mutter an apology. He did not even turn around to address the poor person he has fell on to! Now I'd say these rude, inconsiderate people with no manner should be banished from the island immediately. You would think that saying 'sorry' is already a form of spontaneouity in itself, something you no longer have to think sometimes. But no, to some idiotic guy, it's apparently a new concept.

One more thing. Avoidance is not the answer to anything, especially when you were the one asking for it to begin with. Let me be absolutely frank here, although I won't mention names. A colleague of mine is urgently in need for an intern to start soon, and I've been asking some friends of mine who might be interested for the position. Through a friend, this third party came along. She said she wanted the job so I guided and recommended her to my colleague who called her up and immediately set up an interview. Now any normal beings would be grateful, no?

Well, you can count on these inconsiderate, low-mannered people to spoil it all, really. Not only did she not show up for the interview, she didn't even pick up and return my calls and text messages. Suddenly she's Britney Spears, suddenly she's Miss Fucking Busy? Bite me.

If you change your mind about the job, the very least thing you can do, is call and let us know, really. Like, REALLY. Although it has nothing to do with me, I can't help feeling bad because I was the one recommending her and she didn't even bother to fucking call, wait, no, even text me. FFS?? Inconsiderate enough?

Here's a piece of advice. It's okay being scared, it's okay feeling intimated by the job, it's okay to change your mind when you're unsure, that's all your prerogative, like, I don't give a damn. But, you asked me for the job, you've agreed to come in for an interview, like, what the fuck? Is picking up the phone to cancel the appointment too much of a hassle?

Another instance. Just to lick your own wound, remember the time before the exam when we're supposed to divide the workload among us, and last minute you threw everything in my face, virtually said 'that's it' and I had to rush to write all my notes which were supposed to be done on your part? Remind me why you did that again? Ah yes, first was because your boyfriend initially agreed to make your assignment so you had the time to make notes. Now that's idiotic, but hey, your boyfriend, your shit assignment, I couldn't care less. But wait, there's another thing. After taking all my notes, you then said that most of them were the wrong answers. The end is still the same, you did not finish your part and I'm left with only a few days to scramble the pieces.

Just curious, how did the exam go? Since my answers were all wrong, I must have failed it, no? Afterall, not only did I not change the notes on my part, I also had to rush the remaining shitty half, remember? Enlighten me, please, you must have a fucking distinction, then, because I got a fucking A for that subject. Oh wait, A is a fucking distinction.

I don't get it. Some ungrateful, inconsiderate and unrealiable bunch.

So that's it, I'm officially fed up, I have no patience for high-level idiocy. The point? We've really been taking common sense for granted.


As I'm writing this in the office, I feel my blood rise once again. Today is a slow day in the office, I was able to have lunch with a dear former classmate of mine and there isn't much work to do as of now, so like after spending time browsing and struggling to make my school assignment, I finally resort to ranting. Before I know it, it's almost 6 already!