To a [hopefully] great week ahead!

No, we didn't look that orange-y when the picture was taken. Well, I guess it's a good thing I'm not aspiring to be a graphic designer or some sort, yeah? Met up with Mai after work last week and had such a great time catching up and filling each other in with glory details of our mundane lives. No, that was only mine. She flies all the time, hardly ever boring, I'd say, especially with all those pilots.

Weekend was interesting, though. Aside from having to work, I did meet an interesting person. In fact, the story was so unlikely. Ah, but that's for another entry.

On a separate note, today was so crazy. The rain was overwhelmingly wild, I was drenched and I got in the office super late. An hour, to be exact. I scrolled in there as if nothing was wrong, well, you shouldn't create any attention to yourself in scenario like this! Today was busy though and the day felt like a breeze.

I have yet to finish my assignment, somehow I keep postponing it. The exam is a few days away, can you say 'hopeless'? I'm in a good mood today, though, hope to keep it up for the rest of the week! US trip is in two weeks time! Wooo!

Yo yo dude! I'm coming yo! Better get those films and guitar ready so we can wake all the neighbours up with our slightly-below-average-voices! We'll talk gibberish and pie each other in the face, I'll wear Boston Uni hoodies and you'll wear OCU's gym pants! Madness!

Have a friend's BBQ party this weekend, excited yo!