Does this blog make me look fat?

Alright, this is my first blog post...No fun pictures to post yet but they will come, I assure you.
Hopefully I will be posting amusing anecdotes, hilarious photos, shocking observations and maybe some obscenities which will more than likely get me banned from here...just like those prudish PHOTOBUCKET nazis who went into my account and deleted all my lovely pictures which brought so much  joy to so many on my page.
I will just try to get the hang of this and will write about my daily life and crazy adventures which shall soon ensue around the east village and lower east side as it warms up a little...
Today my favorite paper The Villager ran a little article about Ray's Candy Store at 113 Avenue A. Ray is awesome and has been selling fries and ice cream to drunks, nutters, and hipsters alike for about 35 years now. Ray's is my favorite place to get drunk in front of on Avenue A and watch the parade of wingnuts sass the police and yuppies.
See and for more of those type of shenanigans...
Sunday is Rays's 76th birthday and there are rumours of tranny strippers making an appearance.
I will go to whole foods and buy a few birthday cakes with my food stamps. Cause that's the kind of gal I am. Yuppers.
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