LA: Hollywood, Rodeo Drive

Pictures from LA are up! Well, partly!

I just uploaded the pictures in Hollywood! We got to LA a little after noon, and between going to the hotel, settling in, unpacking and doing all other girly stuffs you can think of, (yes, three of us are sharing a room, dammit! You can only imagine the amount of cosmetics and facial products scattered around in the sink! It's a miracle we still had a sink at all beyond that point) it was already evening when we finally went out to explore the city!

One thing about LA is that the city itself is so big that the definition of 'nearby' is 15-45 minutes-drive by car. So when you, say, are injured, and informed that the nearest hospital is near, my advise is not to translate that so literally, probably best to just call 911 rather than drive there yourself, because chances are you might pass out in the middle of traffic of 'losing too much blood'. (Okay, I'm a big dork, but you get the drift.) In Singapore, you can pretty much go from one end to the other in 45 minutes! The contrast! So yeah, that's definitely one thing we should think of while travelling in the city! The distance, plus the traffic.

Fortunately, we have Farah's super-nice cousin and his wife to show us around. Imagine going around by public bus! Well, we've experienced some of that, but that's for later story. Oh! The expectation! (the only person expecting is myself.)

Anyway, we proceeded straight to Hollywood. First off, we had fun just walking and trying to notice familiar names in the walk of fame!

“So, who are you looking for?” Farah's cousin asked at one point, probably curious after seeing me looking around like an idiot at no apparent object.

“Um, John Cusack?” I said, expectantly.

“Eh? Who? Never heard of it...” he replied, innocently, then proceeded walking, unaware that my heart broke with his each passing words.

Okay, fine! So maybe not many are aware of the brilliance of Mr. Cusack, but that's their loss!

The best I could find around is Tom Cruise, and I didn't even like him that much! Oh well, I better took picture with Mickey Mouse's sign then!

After which, we went inside the Chinese Threatre and took a few snaps but honestly there wasn't anything too memorable. I was too excited seeing the Kodak Threatre at the street across! And there's this big impressive Virgin records store right by the Chinese Threatre. You can just feel the energy! The bright colourful lights, it all looked so new and lively.

We got into the Kodak Threatre and walked through the shopping malls behind it, where there were this fountain and big christmas tree right in the middle. Afterall, we got there on the 24th December, so everything was decorated in festive.

We then drove up to Rodeo Drive, the high-end shops! All branded items, you name it, they have it. Because we couldn't afford it anyway, we got there when the shops were already closed; we only wanted some pictures! After some time ogling over Chanel, it became obvious that money wouldn't magically appear in our pockets, so we left, wounded.

The most memorable dinner so far had to be that Thai food dinner we indulged in that very night! We have been deprived of chinese food for almost three weeks in Oklahoma so we were beyond estatic to eat horfun and fried rice like normal chinese people.

I remember falling asleep in the back of the car after dinner, and so was Bonnie. (can you say pigs?) Farah's cousin saw this and decided to take us back to the hotel for our beauty sleep!

The next day, we would be going to Disneyland, so we needed that rest! But the glimpse of LA was awesome! We were delighted to finally get out of Oklahoma and to start on our real American adventure!

(Why do I use so many exclamation marks as if I'm yelling all the time?)