I know I can be pretty sensitive and I worry about ten thousand and one things, with the ten thousand being probably bullshit. It was great to talk it out yesterday and I'm happy to know that we're on the same page. It was just unnerving to meet someone who reminds me a lot about you, you know?

Anyway! Enough of the mushy, nerdy conversation! I'm excited for the weekend! Well, I'm determined to shed away past awful valentine experiences! I'm starting to think I'm just not meant for it! Where was I last year, anyway? Can't remember, that's how dry and pathetic my love life was! Even desert's more alive.

But even when I was with someone during the so-called love day many years ago, it always turned out disastrous. There was that time when I ended up being scolded by dad for getting home too late, but hey, it would have been worth it if we have had amazing dinner and thus, we lost track of time, or whatever! I wish! We were late because it took us hours to get to the restaurant due to the shitty traffic, it took us another eternity to get seats, and more of my lifetime I would never get back to wait for our food. In the end? We went home before even having our dinner because it was already past my curfew and the food hasn't arrived yet. We were both starving like mad. Disaster.

The next year, I was having dinner with a friend when another friend called me and tricked me into meeting him. It was awkward to the highest level, both of them ignoring each other. None of us had anything resembling fun that day. Somemore, he crashed his car when driving me home. The first time he has ever hit anything, he was with me! I had a feeling he was scolded by his dad for that, although he wouldn't admit it. What's worse about getting someone into trouble is getting someone who's really nice into trouble.

What is wrong with me???

Ah. Anyway, I bumped into the 7th floor guy on Wednesday night, and it was aaawwwwkward! Sod it! Anyway I had a great night with the girls. And I was sober! Ha!

half of the ladies!

'Til next time! I'm dreading the next disaster awaiting tomorrow..SIGH!