Mars Bar.

Tanya, Matt, and Zach!!!!

These photos were taken at my favorite dive bar Mars Bar. There's not too many really dirty, grungy, dive bars left in the city and Mars is by far the best one. Pretty much every time I go there some crazy shit happens...fights are common, the windows being busted out and broken is a regular occurrence...cell phones and coats are ripped off all the time..I won't even mention what goes on in the bathrooms. The bar is scarred, the place is full of funny graffiti, there is weird ass art hung up on the walls, and most people who hang out there on a regular basis are fucking nuts. How can I not love this place? There used to be a pay phone in there that somehow went missing..If this place ever closes i'm not sure which bar I would go to..I'll probably just get really depressed and get drunk in front of where it used to be. If you go there tip Amy the bartender well..she deserves it!