I miss these people!!!

We used to be the foursome, the potluck girls, the Carrie-Samantha-Miranda-Charlotte-wannabe, the football fans, the inseparable party buddies! Now we just have our own friends and things going on. I mean, that's life, and everything can't stay the same, I guess. But they are still the best!

Remembering the time when Elsa and I used to dye each other's hair!

We just finished our home-experiment here and brought back dinner from KFC to eat at my place! Elsa's hair was still curly then! This must have been, what, probably two years back?

I could make a very long blog entry seeing all these old pictures, but maybe I'll save them for next time! Supposedly meeting babe tonight, I'm excited to catch up! :)

Anyway! It's a happy day today! Todd got a really great news and for some reason, I'm super excited for it! On another note, after much-thought contemplation, I think I'm gonna take this job. Will update more as soon as everything's confirmed.

Pizza! I'm coming! *so random there*