Random Likes

I like.....

The sound of soda drink as it's being opened.
The salty, particular smell of the rain I can never quite describe.
The smell of onion and garlic in the frying pan.
The few seconds before meals.
The rule of diminishing pleasure.
My bolster.
Black-rimmed glasses.
Glass tables.
Learning new words that not many people know.
The feeling of touching new, fresh books.
The sound of my yahoo alert everytime a new e-mail comes in.
Writing long, descriptive, rambling mails.
Mixed baby boys.
The colour turqoise.
Salty popcorn, although not many agree.
Silver-tipped microphone, there's something really appealing about it.
Checking-in at the airport.
Seeing hot girls got rejected.
The sound of an old keyboard, instead of the modern one which doesn't make any sound at all.
Soy milk with pearls.
When two people talk at the same time.
Roleplay in text messages.
Mocking at how dramatic television shows can be.
Being fascinated at one's real accent is as opposed to the accent he/she uses in a movie.
Those witty messages in bumper stickers.
Lifting one of my legs as I'm brushing my teeth.
Men in suits.
Take-away coffee cup.
Listening to a song in repeat, over and over again. That's what I do when I really like a song.
Introducing my favorite movies to people and converting them into liking them too.
Lyrics; it's as important as the melodies.
Reality shows, because I like seeing emotions and reactions of real people.
English language.
Movie quotes.
The few seconds before you drift off to sleep.
The feeling of going out from the office every evening, knowing it was a well-spent day.
Observing license plates from different places I'm in.
Surprising people, yet I hate surprises.
Watching award shows.
Armani code perfume.
Cold weather.
Listening people talk about numbers.
Watching trailers before movie starts in the cinema.
Flip phones.
When I was little and we used to drive up to stay at mountain resort every weekend.
The font Trebuchet MS.
Unknown actors.
Cooking instant noodles with egg with little water, so the noodles is very thick in texture.
The time when I used to not worry about anything.
The sound of telephone being put down.
CTU ringtone in 24.
Curse words.
The name Nathan.
Talking to myself in my head.
Making lists.
Grocery shopping in t-shirt and shorts.
Analyzing people's names.
Random blog entry just like this.