Exciting band news!

Well, I'm excited anyway! John and I got booked to play the Chicago Blues festival in June..This is a pretty big thing for us..We're obviously not playing the same stage as BB King or whoever else is gonna be there, we're playing at some little bar I think..but it's awesome! We get flown out there, get a hotel, get to play and go to the after party on sunday night. They usually don't have old timey blues there I think but they are doing a tribute to Maxwell Street type thingy..Our friends Dom Flemons and Blind Boy Paxton will be playing too. Between this, the comp John is doing for Dust-to-Digital this spring, and our new CD with the Crumb cover that'll be done by the summer, I predict big things for us! By big things I mean that I can buy the wine that comes in the bottle instead of the box. When I'm rich I'm totally going to pay someone to floss my teeth for me.
This is the beauteous artwork that R. Crumb did for our last CD...Of course, I can draw just as well as this. I just don't feel like it.