Sunday @ ECP

Due to the fact that I have been gaining weight like a pregnant cat, yesterday we decided to go cycling. This very idea was hardly accepted by some people because they know I don't exercise, I simply lack that gene for some reason. But since this is new year and all, and we ought to try doing new things...oh sod it, I'm so dramatic. It's just cycling, for goodness' sake.

Yes, fine! Kill my awesome introduction, I wanted to start with 'I went cycling yesterday' but it seemed to lack the explosive climax that I intended.

Oh well. So yeah, Dom was there with all his glory, complete with professional gears and all. Bonnie and I were simply in flip-flops and I felt indequate, tinier by the second. Anyway, we took the double-bicycle thing (like those you see in soppy romantic korean drama?), and thank God we did, for the reason I shall reveal later on.

I have to say it was fun, though. It's nice to be out there in the park and seeing the beach and people enjoying their Sunday as well, picnic-ing, walking their dogs, rollerblading and all. And seeing the ocean! :) We were there at noon so it was pretty scorching hot!

Bonnie was riding in front at first and after some time, we decided to switch. Anyway, I will spare you the details but let's just say that I probably wasn't the most balanced-cyclist in the world.

"You know what I'm feeling right now?" Bonnie shouted from the back while I was maneuvering the bike. It just wouldn't go straight, I'm telling you! We were moving like a freaking snake!

"Eh, what?" I asked.

"Fear!" she blatantly declared. Ouch, I'm wounded! Man, now I had to be responsible for another being's safety? Look at me! I barely managed to take care of my own!

After only 15 minutes of the bike running from left to right, but not centre, we switched again, probably for the best. I was still in the state of denial at that point, blaming it on the bike! Must have been because it was double-bike so it was heavy, I thought to myself, feeling suddenly consoled.

Our tandem bike at East Coast Park.

Bonnie left a few hours later and Elsa and Albert came. The three of us decided to rent bikes again. My rationale was actually because of guilt for eating so much at lunch! This time we took the tandem bike and a single bike.

Just then was my denial was scattered cruelly by reality! I rode the single bike..........

.........and fell right on my bottocks!

What the!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't ride a bike to save my life! My knee was bruised, my ego even more! Granted, I haven't rode one in years, but what happens to the saying "'s like riding a bike?" Who the hell said that?! I want to sue!

"Here, here, ride with me,..." Albert said, feeling charitable.

Oh, for the love of......!!!! (so close to cursing!)

Ehem. So. We stayed there 'til 5 pm and by that time our thighs were feeling it! But, aside from the saddening realization that I could no longer ride a bike, it was so much fun.

Us @ lunch at some Hongkong Cafe.

So I can't ride a bike, there are worse things in life, right? Right? Right?

By the time I got to the movie later at night to catch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, my cheeks and nose were sunburnt! They are the size of two very red apples. Well, the size has always been like apple, but the color!

Maybe next week I shall try...rollerblading? Too ambitious. Running? Um. Perhaps. How about walking? Strolling? Sounds like a winner! Ha!