The Pee Pee Phone.

These lovely images are of The Pee Phone located by Ray's Candy Store on the corner of Avenue A and 7th street. This phone booth reflects the very definition of decadence. I have observed all kinds of craziness happening in and about this phone. For one thing, everyone and their mother pees on it. Sometimes they purposely pee on the receiver just for an added bonus. People have had sex in the Pee Phone, have passed out drunk in the Pee Phone, have fought and made up in it and most likely all kinds of other stuff I don't know about. Every deadly sin has probably been broken in this phone booth.
Just look at the pics I snapped of it a few hours ago!
We have beer, vodka, used toilet paper, what looks like a nasty bologna sandwich, a dirty sock, possibly a bag of poop, and lots and lots of URINE! Ah, yes...Contemplate the humble Pee Phone. And believe it or not, I do see people using it to make calls all the time. Last week I witnessed two men spraying it down with bleach and scrubbing the hell out of it. These men deserve the Nobel prize.