Am currently contemplating about future job. I have a tough decision to make, and I don't have much time to do it. My sister's friends needed 3 to even 6 months to get jobs, even herself with such impressive qualifications took 2 months. Not only is the economy so bad right now and this is simply the worst possible time to be graduating, I only have less than one month to make it happen. Well, before I get deported, that is. What an uplifting thought, eh?

Was so happy, though, to catch Slumdog Millionaire yesterday!

It was lighthearted, heartfelt, funny, romantic and exciting all at one! I knew it was going to be good, it's Oscar-nominated for Best Picture afterall, but didn't expect it to be all those things. And the leading Indian actor was so innocently cute like a button. The scene with Amita Bachan was hilarious! Okay, I'm not gonna spoil it, you guys all should see it! Smiley.

Yeah, yeah, so it was Valentine's day yesterday, big deal. No car was hit, no scolding from Dad, so well, I'd say it's a huge improvement. Still, Orchard Road was so packed and people were selling roses and balloons everywhere along the street. We got stopped so many times by these sellers offering cheesy pinkish, heartish-shaped goods. Yeah, right, as if I was going to spend my hard-earned money buying balloons.

The day would have been almost good, if it wasn't for me bumping into the guy from the seventh floor again at Attica last night! Seriously, out of all places! Talk about random!

Whatever, lah!

I'm starting to see 24 now, 7th season! Wooo!