Shayne Speak.

This is Pezent Shayne who lives at C Squat..Shayne is from the west coast where he was sometimes referred to as Macgyver due to his ability to open squats with nothing but a toothpick and some yarn, and his penchant for climbing on top of tall, dangerous bridges and rooftops. Shayne is a unique character and has a habit of saying strange things which we call "shayne-speak."
The other night Shayne was talking about how dangerous it is to go swimming if you have really long dreadlocks..he said that someone should invent a backpack with some kind of floatation device in it in which one could stuff their dreads into when they go for a swim. Shayne is very quoatable and the quote for the night was "Do you know how blatantly offensive it is to be poked with a stick? Trust me."