Down with the Sickness

I'm sick so I've been trying to stay indoors..Well, I had to record friday afternoon which went fine due to mass amounts of cold medicine..Then we played last night which went ok, but I felt delirious the whole night..Couldn't wait to come home and lay down.
Our new cd is coming along..9 songs down that sound pretty good. Dom Flemons and Eli Smith sat in on banjo and harmonica and sounded great.

There is so much good stuff on youtube..I've been watching all night..I don't know if you can upload stuff from youtube on here-I couldn't figure it out dammit. But I found this great weird film called The Secret Adventures Of Tom Thumb on there in all its entirety..6 parts all together. I LOVE this film-it's beyond creepy. And I saw Little Otik is on there too..that's another strange one. And this bizarro banned cartoon that someone posted..