Demonic Squirrels PLUS Biggest TV ever thrown away!

I love the black squirrels in Tompkins Square Park. They are completely black-no hint of gray at all. Apparently, in the UK there are MUTANT! black squirrels even! Check it out: Mutants!They are really pretty and cool looking..though my photos reveal the truth. That they are possibly minions of hell bent on destroying everyone and everything you've ever cared about in this world..Well, whatever..they still look pretty cool.

The other photos are of some trash on East 9th st. that I came across. BIGGEST FREAKING TV EVER!!!! I'm five feet you can see how big the damn thing was. Did they throw it out because they got an even bigger one? Or did they finally come to realize that it was controlling their lives and they would be better off buying a faberge egg that is just as huge but a lot more of a conversation piece?