Well, when you are partying over at C squat there is really just one thing to do and that is take each other's blood pressure! That way we can make sure that everyone is healthy and no one is getting beer poisoning. We used to use the toy know-"My first stethoscope" by Fisher Price. That one worked fine, but now we have a real one! You will be happy to know that everyone was healthy as a horse,..Not the kind of horse that breaks its leg so it gets shot and people make glue out of it, but the healthy kind of horse. The one that has good blood pressure. Yeah.

For some reason everyone being in good health really pissed off the dogs that were in the you can see in the bottom photos. Go figure!

Jes and Brett

Adam Dog

Columbo Dog

In other news I saw my favorite fellow ED at Ray's the other night. He was all clean shaven, wearing a new spring jacket and talking about how he needs a wife. A Chinese one, preferably...Then he did what Ed always does and told me about all the rapes and murders he saw on the TV that night. I love him!