Clayton Patterson Captured

Went to see a screening of the film Captured tonight which is about Clayton Patterson who has been photographing and videotaping all the crazy shit that has gone down in the LES since 1979..He has been arrested many times and beaten by NYPD and became pretty well known after refusing to hand over the videos he took of the Tompkins Square Park riot in '88.
The film was really well done and was kind of depressing much life and vibrancy back its all becoming frozen yogurt places and Starfucks..I'd take a little dangerous living and the insanity that was tent city over 2 banks on every damn corner and a Kmart on Astor Place. Ah well..The funniest part of the night was when Oprah was shown interviewing Clayton and everyone yelled "Oprah!" I guess everyone just really loves Oprah!

I tried to take pics but they came out crappy..I only got the one that kinda shows the crowd that was there(it was packed!) with that guy looking all freaked out for some reason. The photo of Clayton getting arrested was taken by his wife I believe last summer..The cops just love arresting this guy!