Sticky Party Bus.

Last week I spotted a "Party Bus" parked in front of Csquat..These bus's seem to drive annoying people around, dropping them off at different bars so they can get drunk all over town. Usually when I spot one of these monstrosities I run after it screaming,"Take me with you!" at the top of my lungs..However this one was just parked and sitting there. The passengers stumbled out, all dressed up in 20's clothes for some reason, and ran to some lame my friends and I boarded the empty bus to see what it was like in there. I have to admit it was pretty nice..a small bar, a mirrored ceiling, red plush velvet seats in the back..I asked the driver what exactly went on in there. He said ALMOST everything..Hmmm...Obviously there are drugs being done in there, probably some forms of SEX-O, and maybe some midget tossing and cat juggling. Then the guy got mad when I snapped his picture and kicked us all off saying he had to clean the bus. Well, the seats did seem kind of sticky...(Yeah-I'm fucking gross!)