annoying neighbour

This morning, at exactly 9:10 am I was rudely and abrupty woken up by a drilling sound.

So much complaints that I can dig up just by reading that sentence, but first thing first: who the hell do drilling work at 9 in the morning?

It wasn't the loud, high-pitched, ear-piercing drilling sound, it was more like this low, consistent type of sound. Drill, nail, drill, nail, drill, nail. It was no less irritating.

Hey, renovating your home is perfectly fine, in fact, I'm encouraging it. If I had extra money I would love to redecorate this place too. But can you do that in a more humanly hour?

As we speak now, the drilling still continues. And I have kissed my bed goodbye because there's no way I can get back to sleep now. Dammit.