Pee Phone: Still Gross Yet Sexy as Hell!

Well, as you can see the Pee Phone is as nasty as ever! Resplendent with urine, what looks to be feces, leftover food, puke..and as my friend Crazy Jay pointed out-it seems to have a noose now so you can kill yourself there if you feel the urge!
He's only pretending to be strangling in that pic so don't worry..The Pee Phone just seems to be coming apart at the seams..some random piece of its structure fell off and has been lying there for days now. I don't think anyone has cleaned this phone for well over a week. Is the Pee Phone doomed? Do I want to live in a world where the Pee Phone is obsolete? I can't think about it!!!....SOB...Well, at least the phone seems to be pro-gay marriage. Some couple should have their wedding in it before the damn thing implodes in on itself.