Plastic Craptastic

One of my favorite hobbies is searching the internet for disgusting photos of people that have had really bad plastic surgery..It fascinates me how truly shiteous some of these people have made themselves look..Basically paying thousands of dollars to look like a freakshow. Most of these people are celebrities, and I know Hollywood is competitive, and women especially need to compete with other, younger women for roles..So they try to stay young looking as long as they possibly can.
But I guess plastic surgery is addictive and they begin to lose sight of what they are slowly morphing into..Nasty breast implants scare me the most. If you get a bad boob job, the breast can get a "ripple effect" like Courtney Love's have..or they can grow together so you look like you have one big boob-with the implant shifting back and forth..Most implants look very fake anyway like you have these hard bagels bolted onto your chest..

Anyway, these pictures speak for themselves. We have Courtney Love happily flashing her creepy, ripply boobie, Vivica Fox with some weird dent, some anorexic 90 year old lady, Amanda Lepore- the kinda awesomely scary barbie wannabee transsexual whom I see around town all the time, Tori Spelling with some indented cleavage, some random monster breasts, and my fave..Jocelyn Wildenstein the socialite who has been trying to turn herself into a cat for ages now..