I Cried When I Wrote This Blog...

Well, we cancelled the show in Tompkins Square Park that was set for tomorrow..The weather authorities predict rain on and off all day. Bah..If a Steely Dan cover band was playing i'd bet the rain wouldn't fall..Speaking of, I have come to the conclusion that the song Deacon Blues is possibly the most ANNOYING song ever written..With lyrics like "make love to these women-languid and bittersweet" and "I cried when I wrote this song, sue me if I play to long," I'm just not sure any song can top this in terms of bringing me to extreme fits of anger. Of course, I don't need to listen to the song every day like I have been..This could solve the anger and annoyance problem..But I can't seem to stop!I DON'T KNOW WHY!!!!!!

I suspect there is a deeper conspiracy going on here than I am aware of. I'm vaguely aware that Steely Dan was formed to drive me slowly insane..but there are dark forces at work here...WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

Either that, or all the Nyquil I drank 20 minutes ago is kicking in..Nighty night!