The new look and the art of juggling [or the lack of it]

Tada! As you can see, I kinda changed my template for this website, do you notice anything different? Maybe the colour? The font? The size, perhaps? Anyway, I like it. A change right here and there is always good.

I still haven't been able to do the whole self-customized thing, so all I could do just change the template and play around with the font and colour. One day, I really should learn the HTML thing, it's definitely up there on the list alongside 'learn how to juggle'.

No, really. A few weeks ago I was out at a tennis court watching my family play, and the rest of us, the non-sporty ones, were goofing around with the balls, balancing and juggling them in the air. My aunt did it really well, so did my sister and her boyfriend. Well, they wouldn't win any trophies anytime soon, but they could at least make three balls fly in the air. What the *beep* yo?

I tried, for god's sake, I did. But balance is not my thing, and so is navigational skill. Some people just aren't gifted.

How could these people do it so flawlessy? When did it become something in the curriculum? Did I miss anything as a child? My ego was bruised, and I had to tell everyone I was so hungry so we could get out of there immediately. I felt exposed.

Afterwards I thought, juggling is essentially the same thing as multitasking. No wonder I suck at it. Yeah, I was a top student and I won english contest but ask me to write while listening to music, and I wouldn't be able to come up with a single readable sentence. Seriously. That is weird.

So now you know that I can't juggle to save my life, and that I can only work and study in complete silence. Not that these facts are gonna be useful to you in any way.

So anyway, I'm now getting back to my reading mood. I will finish 'The Lovely Bones' by Alice Sebold soon (very good!), and I want to keep going. So, if any of you have book recommendations, please, I will really appreciate it. If not, most probably I will try 'Angels and Demons' since I've seen the movie and in most cases, the books are always much better.

Well, this has been random. Thanks for reading and hope you like the new template too! Good night everyone.