I'm staring at this notebook-sized piece of paper, glued to the wall by cheap tape right in front of my desk, and feeling rather pathetic. I tore the paper out of a journal page, and wrote down dates under each column and called it 'a montly planner.'

Pathetic because, a) I can't even afford a nicer, bigger, and more catchy page to write down my plans in the month, and b) I don't have a proper board to put that on except the wall. The paper is so tiny that even with my super small handwriting, I can only write down probably a few words. Instead of putting down 'latest submission of student's pass application', I just wrote 'std pass.'

'Bring keys for appointment at Suites, 3.30pm', became just 'Suites'.


I wanted to start being organized again because I'm just excited, really, to have school and things to do. I've had planners but it's not practical. Plastering it in front of my laptop desk is good to prevent me from forgetting anything, although I would like to be able to do more than just write 'curtain' to refer to the plan to compare prices and check out curtains for the new apartment this evening.

When I bought some new things for this room, I had wanted to really decorate it according to my taste and make it mine. I wanted to paint the wall with colour and the inside of the cubicles in which I put my books pink. I also thought of buying a big board where I could put planner, some pictures, memorable notes or buttons. A creative board, I'd call it.

But my 'dream room' has to wait for a little while. Unfortunately, this little piece of paper is all the creativity I've got for now.