I'm in Love

[This is written in a rather dramatic effect, but all circumstances are real.]

Last night was the night that I saw literally, the man of my dream.

You know that epitome of your ideal guy? The exact picture of someone that comes to mind whenever people look at you and ask, "so, what's your type?" You say, this or that, and you know this probably wouldn't happen in real life, but you're happy enough living in a temporary fantasy that maybe you will be lucky and snatch gold. Maybe you'll end up being with someone you've always pictured yourself with, maybe your boyfriend will exactly be your 'type'

[I'm talking about the physical appearance]

So anyway, last night I saw the visual image of my 'perfect man' come to live in the form of a guy so gorgeous and so handsome I was certain I fell in love right there and then. Okay, please try not to puke, will you?

I was in Attica with a friend, and we were making our way through the crowded dancefloor to the stairs. My friend was in front of me, and this perfect guy happened to be walking in front of her. I saw his perfect height (probably in all his 6'5'' glory) and his perfect neat, short cropped blond hair. And then he turned around, and he had the most beautiful face behind the most beautiful black-rimmed glasses, and my heart literally leaped.

He smiled! He smiled at me! I almost fainted, but I managed to pull what I hoped was a friendly inviting smile, but I'm afraid at that state of shock, I might have grimaced instead. We were still walking while this happened, and he purposely turned back again to look at me, still flashing that gorgeous smile. Oh my god, my knees gave away. I think I waved. I think! I felt dizzy out of love!

We got to the stairs and this man got in the loo which was located near the stairs, and suddenly I didn't want to go down! Suddenly I wanted to stay there right where he was, although I had no form of plan whatsoever! I pulled my friend and I said, "I'm in love with that guy in glasses."

Bless her, she agreed to stay with me there and waited for the guy to come out from the bathroom and then, well, hopefully we would have figured out a plan of action. So we were standing by the bar while my heart was pounding crazily. To be honest I would have believed you if you said that I just envisioned him smiling at me, that maybe it was just in my head, but I had to keep the faith!

A few minutes passed by and I was ready! I would say 'hello' even if it kills me!

Suddenly out of nowhere an indian guy was in front of me, and he was talking as if he's the twenty-first-century's Romeo. "Don't you know that I have been following you? I think you are beautiful," he said. "Will you be the witness at our wedding?" he asked my friend, and he went on and on with his most over-the-top and corniest praises. My friend and I were glancing at each other, thinking 'is he for real?' I've never really heard anyone say things like that before, ever.

But the damage is done. After I managed to shush him away (it took so long, dammit), I had no idea where my prince charming went! I should have been right outside, welcoming him with the warmest smile when he came out from the loo! (okay, that wasn't a very smart and romantic scenario, but it would have to do!) And now, if he really has noticed and smiled at me before, he would have thought this weirdo guy was with me, or worse, that I had the stupidest taste in men.

There is no comparison! Look at him! He's literally the most beautiful man I've ever seen! We'll have the most gorgeous wedding ever, and our babies will be devastatingly gorgeous!

Seriously, people. I have the wildest imagination. Then again, I'm in love!

This wasn't something I'm particularly proud of, but I was stalking him the entire night! How could I not?! But since then, he was within his big group of friends (and girls!) in the crowded dancefloor, him towering in the middle with all his handsomeness. Going in there to say hello to him would be like, trying to knock down the Great Wall of China. Those possies possies were like, the defender of the ancient treasure. Those players in front of the goal line in football. Secret Service protecting the President.

I saw my happy wedding and beautiful babies dream slowly evaporated and diminished by the second.

By 5, the man of my dream left, and as I bid a secret tearful goodbye, I wondered if I would ever see him again.

I don't know what is it about him and why it affected me so much. Afterall, it's not like there is a shortage of good-looking guys out here, but this is exactly MY PERFECT MAN we're talking about here. This seriously will bug me for the rest of the week. Or month.