My playlist changes every so often. It's important to listen to certain music when you're experiencing different emotions.

Some Clay Aiken and Maroon 5 remind me of my youthful existence, while Horseshoe Road simply transports me straight to the country where there's nothing much but land and greens. Natasha Bedingfield makes me feel girly, James Morrison gets me all mellow, and Marvin Gaye, well, you don't say. "Let's Get It On"? "Sexual Healing"? Those are probably the sexiest tunes known to man.

Anyway, although my musical knowledge is very limited (and very 90s, I'd say), I do know what kind of music I absolutely enjoy listening to for every occasion. This week, these are my top two singers/bands:

1. The Script

I love these guys from the moment I listened to 'We Cry'. 'Breakeven' and 'The Man Who Can't Be Moved' are equally as catchy and moving. They're pretty huge in their Ireland hometown, and their album has apparently reached multi-platinum. I love their latest single, 'Talk You Down' too, check it out if you wanna know what they sound like.

2. Ben Folds

A friend of mine actually introduced me his music. I listened first to 'Hiroshima' and 'Rocking The Suburbs', and thought they were really quirky and unique. You should listen to 'Bricks' and 'Landed' too, but this one is my personal favorite, 'Evaporated'.

If you bother to listen, let me know what you think.

So, until next time!