I'm crampy as hell so everyone must suffer!

Welps, I am on the rag as in MENSTRUATING so everyone sucks. No, not really but I feel like shit the past few days..I need some serious painkillers..like a mallet to the head! Anyway..I posted a wonderful cartoon of a tampon. Yeah, cause that's the kinda gal I am. Gross and offensive..The baby Jesus made me this way! My period makes me do weird stuff like right now i'm singing along to Tiny Dancer by Elton John and I feel all emotional.."Hold me closer, Tony Danza.." ...sniff...I want sheets of linen! And a pony still.

I haven't been hanging out too much but I did run into my friend Dave who has the best T-shirts on always..Then I saw the Starfucks on 2nd Avenue and 9th street has changed its name to STARBOFFEE. Good marketing campaign..it has a nice ring to it! Anyway, it's pouring out again tonite so i'll stay in and watch girly movies. I made John watch From Beyond last night after trying to watch a documentary about Alan Moore. I couldn't make it through all Moore's ramblings about magic..I agree with most of what he says and stuff..but he seems a bit of a megalomaniac..and completely insane. I guess i'm not in love with him anymore. Maybe he needs more STARBOFFEE or something..