Flu, nails and goatmilk soap

Hey world!

(Or rather hello to me, since I'm probably the only person who's gonna read this)

I'm now in a better position to write, compared to last night, or rather, this morning, so to speak. Last night I was as better to write as a giant penguin if you ever try to give it a pen. Why, you ask?

Okay, let's retrace the steps. The whole day yesterday I was out, having a good time, being perfectly normal and healthy as the Hulk. I even did sit-ups and a little bit of rope-jumping at home. (Okay, I made that up.) I had my greens (technically, there were lots of veggie in my noodles I had for lunch, but then I gave them all away to Cous, because I'm nice that way.) At night, in yet another act of kindness and selflessness, I cooked everyone spaghetti for dinner. (which everyone praised, not that I'm boasting or anything.)

Everyone knows I'm the master chef in the family. (But just because I'm the only one who ever cooks. Quite a deluded, undomestic bunch we are.)

I didn't have enough sleep the night before because I only went to bed at almost 5 am. (I don't know whether this would affect the story, but thought I'd just put it out there.)

I probably went to sleep at 1 am last night, which is normal. I had to stop reading my book (“The Fountainhead”, I can't stress it well enough, that it's the single most brilliant story I have ever come across.) because I was afraid I would finish it. Weird logic? Well, not really. (I had to stop myself from reading it too fast, I would very much like to prolong the pleasure.)

So everything was good up until this point. But then suddenly, at 4 am, I got abruptly woken up. Not by the rain, lightning, or loud noises in the house, in fact, it hadn't rained then, and the only voice I heard, was just a quiet hum of the air con. But I snapped because my nose was running and I kept sneezing.

I stood up to grab a tissue, and blew my nose. In my half-asleepness, I threw the tissue to the trash, and crashed back to bed. A few seconds passed, and I sneezed again, my nose still running. Now, imagine this happened for about, a hundred times. Okay, fifty times. All in a matter of seconds. By this point, I was wide awake, loudly cursing at nobody in particular. Just right after I blew my nose, I already had to grab another tissue because it just wouldn't stop.

I turned off my air con (although it wasn't cold), and sat silently with my puffy nose. I looked around, but it was freaking 4.30 am, what could I possibly do? I simply couldn't go back to sleep so I logged in online, and tweeted about it. I talked to my friend, another nocturnal creature who was still awake at such hour, god bless him. We talked for half an hour, and decided I should try to lay down again.

You have to know that I have quite a good resistance to cold, at least probably compared to most people. This works the opposite way too though; I have little resistance towards heat. I sweat a lot easier too. I have to have my air con to sleep (although I know I shouldn't, especially with my condition.) I turned it back on, but set the temperature to solid 25 degrees, and gave another attempt to sleep.

It took me probably another half to an hour to do so, because my nose would still be running and I would still sneeze but I have ran out of curse words to mutter at this point. I was just, tired, for goodness' sake.

I'd like to think that this is just a series of unfortunate, unlucky situation, that I'm just having a terrible flu, and that in no time I will be as good as new. Of course that's the case, but I don't know why I would suddenly catch this flu at 4 am without no sign and warning whatsoever.

Maybe this is just a sign. The really rare occasion of me trying to be domestic, and I got slammed with a massive flu! I have a feeling this is the universe's way of telling me that I should just stick to slacking. Oh, excuse me, I simply have to blow my nose again.

Okay, end of story! No more nose-blowing talk any more! Now, it's time for the bimbotic portion of the program, if you don't mind.

Yesterday I had a great time with the family, and us girls had mani + pedi at JP! (oh the perks of having sisters!) I didn't know we would be getting those when I went out of the house, though, and I was wearing an closed-toe wedges. (A disaster for the newly pedicured toes!)

The attendants all looked at me sympathetically, asking me if I brought another sandal! Why would I go around in the malls wearing shoes and bringing another shoes?! I'm not that busy nor famous. I almost cried when I saw the colour on one toe was starting to smear when I just started trying to wear my shoes!

My sister bought me a cheap flip flops, in the end! So my toes were saved!

I wasn't so crazy about my fingernails colour yesterday, but it definitely grew on me since! So barbielike! I'd post the picture later on, since Blogger is messing about again. Ggrr.

Also! Just a random question, why has nobody ever told me about goat milk soap before? It smells absolutely amazing! (I warned you about this being random) But yeah, it smells very milky, a bit like Dove, just cheaper! I was bathing in it with my shower puffs and I still smell like milk! Wouldn't it be great if we all smell like milk? Hahaha.

So yeah. What else should I mention? Hmm, I'll post more pictures on the next post! (As if it needs more) But for the time being, have a great Sunday, you.