Some random pictures just to keep this page colorful!

So I was telling you about my barbie-like nails...

The attendants at the mani/pedi place kept telling me I had super dry nails. She insisted I put on this special coat for brittle nails + whitening for another extra $3. What a marketing gimmick. Of course I fell right in.

Afterall, I have a solid duty towards my nails to keep it moisturized and healthy. *puke*

They tried to charge it to my sister also, although she had said 'No, I'm not gonna pay another $3.' The fact that the person still applied the special coat to her wasn't her fault, so after we explained, they waived the charge. Sometimes it's frustrating to talk to people who barely speak english!

Since Meli is here, we've been getting even crazier for the camera.

That's because her phone has a front-side camera! Or as my cousin would refer to it as, narcissist camera.

The people who are always there for me. That's because there's no escaping them, I live with them! =)

Anyway, I just wanna share a really good photo website if you're interested in landscape photos: citylines, houses, places, bridges in most US states. As you know, I'm a big fan of this type of photography, so this is a fun site for me to browse around.

On another note, I just changed my dekstop background a while back because I just started watching Fringe, and Joshua Jackson has been my favorite ever since his days in Dawson's Creek! He's maturing so well over the years.

I'm curious what's on YOUR desktop background? My older sister has a picture of Natalie Portman because she's a huge fan, and my baby sister has some game-related cartoon on her computer (naturally....she's such a gamer), and I either have picture of movie posters, actors, or city's skyline.

What's on yours?