Happy Pact and Quotes

I know I've been a complete mellow case these past few days, and I don't like it at all. I'm making a pact to myself, that I'm gonna stay positive and be rid of all unnecessary worries and troubles. We're young, might as well have as much fun as we can.

So my otherwise unwise friend turned very wise on me this morning. She pasted me a series of quotes to further elaborate her point that I should, well, just be happy! It's in Indonesian though, so the gist are these.

♥ We were born with two eyes in front, because we're supposed to look ahead, not at what was in the past.

♥ We were born with two ears, one on the left and the other on the right, so we could hear from both sides, from both perspectives. To hear both compliments and criticism, and listen to what's right, and what's wrong.

♥ We were born with a brain, that is hidden in our head, so that no matter how poor we are, we are still rich. Noone could steal what's inside our brain. And that's a lot more precious than any kinds of diamonds.

♥ We were born with two eyes, two ears, but only one mouth. Because mouth is a weapon which could hurt, and even kill. It's better to do less talking, but more seeing and listening.

♥ We were born with one heart, that always reminds us. To appreciate and love sincerely. Learn to love and appreciate being loved, but don't expect anyone to love us in the same way we love them.

♥ Give love without hoping anything in return, and you'll find that life is actually a lot more beautiful.

I was so inspired that I almost felt like a fool for even thinking about such trivial thing as someone. Truth is, why bother worrying about it all? Don't we all our entire adulthood to worry about such things? I'd like to think I'm still a kid. =p Okay, young. *smiley!*

So that's just a little carrot joke to end this glorious post. ♥