Hi, Books

Hi internet!

Again, I'm late in posting, I know, blah blah. I was just back from Jakarta last night with my sister, and what a great weekend it has been! We made it there especially to 'rescue' our beloved books, 'cos well, okay, if you've been to my house back in Jakarta, you'd know we have an entire room for library where we keep all of our books, comics, magazines, encyclopedias and everything readable ever since we were, 2 years old. Surely right around that.

So, you could probably imagine how massive the amounts are. Yeah, 'cos we're proud nerds, that's why. Most of our books are in top-notch condition, because aside from yeah, we're nerds that way, we're very protective of our books especially. We treat them with such gentleness and affection like they're real people. And we didn't manage to bring them all the way here to Singapore when we first moved because there wasn't enough space here. Besides, we would still be able to read them every time we go back.

But now, well, we're planning to sell our old house. Planning being the emphasized word as it will take a long time to really make it happen, I think. The house holds a very sentimental value to us, and there are still so many things there we have to sort through and it has yet to happen since we're away. But either way, since we definitely wanna keep our books anyway, it's better to slowly bring them here to our apartment in Singapore. And boy, don't we have tons of 'em!

I was shocked to find our luggage which we have filled with our best books and comics weighed 40 kg at the airport! And it was just our first choice. Afraid it might have been too much, we sorted our books into the first and second priority and decided to just bring the second priority books at a later time when we go home next! I really didn't think we carried that much, but apparently books are heavy, geez.

Yeah, but that said, we still do have more books back home we'd hope to bring next time around. Although now, I'm pretty darn happy and giddy already with getting my hands on these books again. Nerd alert!

Sis and I at our living room back home.

This weekend we're gonna head to IKEA to shop for bookcases because now our precious books are still safely tucked in the luggage since we have nowhere to put 'em....yet!

Oh! Don't you just love shopping for bookcases?!! So happy!