Bowery Poetry Club Open Mic

Last night I ended up at The Bowery Poetry Club for their open mic night..I used to go to the one at the St. Marks Underground theatre thingy but it shut down..this one is basically all the same people..I had a fun time heckling and took a lot of pics..and got pretty drunk. Yup. First, we have Rob Shapiro who was pretty funny..He has a kinda well known twin brother Rick who does comedy as well. Wasn't there like some Gallagher scandal where Gallagher's brother took over and they didn't tell anyone or something? Twins are weird-they freak me out. Like doublemint gum.

Then the host..Victor I think? (who was very funny..had a contest where you put the weirdest thing you can text a girl who he had gone on a date with a few days before in a hat and he would read them aloud and choose a winner and text the weird message to her..The winners got to chug-a-lug some beer..My entry was something along the lines of, "Had a great time with your vag last night..I'm gonna say those 3 small words you've been dying to hear..FULL BLOWN AIDS!" I didn't win but the bartender and performer Touching You liked my entry enough to keep chanting "Full Blown Aids" randomly..That was pretty neat.

I got a pic of Victor hosting, one of some weird shit on the walls, the chug-a-lug contest, my friend Ilya with a VERY strange guy who later sang "Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer..This was the fault of awesome sound guy Ed, my friend who encouraged me to attend the open mic.

I got some pics of Touching You singing his hit song, "Subjugate your Tits" while he sat on the bar and everyone threw stuff at him. That was pretty cool..Then I got the weird guy doing MC Hammer..and the No Sale register..

I had a fun time and will most likely return..Bowery Poetry Club..monday nights Open Mic at 10:00pm..Be there!