Ray slashes prices on waffles..plus weird cell phone pics..

Vell, vell , vell..what to write..what to write? I got a pic of this guy spare changing with an interesting sign..Then this is a can of cat food from Sweden..Har!

I visited Ray today and tried to show him how to use Itunes..He cut the price of his Belgian "Obama" waffles to $2.00..Don't know if it was the right thing to do..but his business is slow...PLEASE go there and support Ray's Candy Store..If he closes Avenue A will have lost an icon..

Then, I just thought I would put up a photo of Chris Elliot from Get a Life trying to kill me..Just because I am really proud that Chris Elliot strangled me.

Kinda can't wait until xmas is over..not so much because I'm a jew..but I am really sick of xmas music and the whole bullshit holiday..Ah, whatever. I feel bad for the people selling trees...it's sooo cold this week and no one seems to be buying much from them.