hijinks and shenanigans at Mars Bar..

Well, Mars Bar never lets me down in terms of craziness.from last night I have a way too dark video.of Poison Puss with another sideshow performer egging her on as she puts a sperm shaped balloon into her nostril and pulls it out of her mouth..She was dressed as a sexy santa and was calling herself Panty Claus last night..The we have a pic of Ali and I-the blonde bangs gang..Then some guy stood on the bar and preached about Mars Bar being the last real New York place left in the city..

Then there's the sideshow peeps hanging out..my friend Ed with a tampon just chillin' in his nose..my friend Skeilera and I, Sheikera with her sexy Texas Chainsaw massacre shirt on..We share a love for horror films..

And now the bathrooms are labeled Boys and Girls in a way with some new graffiti painted on them..Plus, more words to live by..DON'T BE A HIPPIE!

And lastly a pic of Geoffrey(Jay) molesting the martian girl mural..