Unlikely discovery

Today something funny happened at work.

I didn't go straight HA-HA-HA right there and then because hey, I'm new and I still like to keep my integrity intact as 'the new shy girl' for as long as I can, please! I was certainly laughing from the inside, though.

So I have my own desk in front because I guess I'm the media person slash guests-greeter. Yes, my lips are itching from all that smiling to everyone who passes my way. But anyway, at one point of the day I made a really interesting and surprising discovery. We had boxes and boxes of our published magazines here in the office, and as I was observing them, I saw a condom packet on top of one of the boxes.

I was surprised! I looked left and right but noone seemed to be paying any attention, so I quickly grabbed the packet and found that it was still fully sealed. THANK GOODNESS! But the obvious question was, hm, what was it even doing there?

Bearing in mind that we do get magazines and papers delivered everyday, it could be just, that thing somehow fell from the sky; eh I mean, from the whoever-delivery-guy's pocket. Or maybe it's merely a bonus sample from a magazine. There are lots of possibilities, come to think of it. Still, it didn't make my Durex' discovery any less comforting. Although, I did think it was really funny.

Anyway, the day proceeded on and I didn't pay any more attention to that said-packet. As the day grew to an end and I finally was packing up to leave, I somehow remembered this, and I glanced to the box to see the final destiny drawn for the lonely contraceptive device.

Imagine my dismay. The packet was no longer there! Somehow in the 4 hours that passed, someone has managed to snatch that thing away! Why, when, how, why, where?! Hmmm.

I guess that shall remain a mystery.