I know what I did last night =)

Hi all! I wanna blog about the great day we had yesterday at East Coast! Anyway, we were all in dire need of physical exercise. I've probably ballooned for a few more kgs ever since I started working and thus, stopped running and working out.

Not saying that a day in the beach last evening has made up for any of my extreme pigginess for the past 2 months, but hey, at least it was something. (you all must love me for my positiveness, right?)

Started the day by going out for lunch. We figured it wasn't wise to head over to the beach when it was scorching hot out. And it was hot like an oven. Forecast said it would be a sunny day, definitely a good day to spend cycling under the sun.

This was us on our way out to lunch. We did some grocery shopping too afterwards, and the supermarket was super packed! The queues for the cashiers were like the longest snake you could ever think of. Chinese people really do take their lunar new year seriously. I know we are chinese too by race, but I feel so out of touch with my roots that I almost feel like a traitor to the culture or something.

Both my sisters in purple.

At about 4ish pm and the sun looked a little kinder, we set out to East Coast! I was so excited because..well, I'm always happy with anything involving beach and the ocean. (I should be a Leo instead of a Capricorn, don't you think?)

I was slightly nervous though, because the last time I went cycling with friends, I failed...miserably. I haven't been on the bike for so long, and I thought I could easily pick up where I left off. There's a saying "it's just like riding a bike" for a reason, isn't it?

But long story short, I was on the bike for probably 5 seconds before I pointed it straight to the tree and I fell. It didn't hurt more than it embarrassed my soul. For the rest of the evening, I pathetically rode behind my friend in a tandem bike. What a total loser!

And so we arrived at the beach! The smell of the ocean excited me, I was back to being 14 years old in the presence of such beauty. I was singing along until this came!

The bike that once defeated me. Now it was time for my redemption! Revenge! I must conquer this bike and I wouldn't stop otherwise! My little sister, Meli, was learning how to ride a bike there too, because apparently to my surprise, she didn't know how to.

My cousin was patiently teaching her while I was circling around in my bike too to test the water. I started out shaky and my hands were trembling, making the bike unstable. But I finally got the hang of it, and after a while, it was no problemo! Wooooo, so happy!

After the warm-up, off we went to cycle away! Loads of people were there, building camps and tents, having BBQs, walking their dogs, jogging, playing skateboards and merely just sitting around to enjoy the scenery. It was truly an idyllic evening. I was over the moon!

At the pier, the furthest our bikes could go. We went cycling for two hours, and as you could see, we had sweat all over our faces.

"We did it!"

It has been an awesome evening, but then we were hungry! Off we went to this place my colleague recommended once. The place was in the middle of nowhere, but it had famous spicy chicken wings in various levels. My colleague said she tried level 5 and nearly died. She said she had flashes.

Anyway, we ended up trying level 3 and 4 and if we weren't already full, we would have tried the next few levels, because level 4 was still okay for us. But we ordered pizza as well, and we were stuffed! Next time we definitely wanna try level 5 onwards.

I loved the bar though, it had that homey, intimate feel to it. And it was funny when I ordered a beer, the waiter came back to me and asked about my age, rather shyly. I answered, "23" and asked, "how old do you think I am?" He laughed before saying, "16..."

I didn't know if it was a compliment or not, but really, it's one thing to look young, it's quite another to look underage! I was almost insulted! But then I took a sip of that Hoegaarden and I was content. Ha!

Now a full and happy bunch.

What a Saturday! If only everyday could be spent like this. :)