Mr. Social Security, Gaga, and Miguel must be something special!

Well, I got a little pink camera so my blog is back bitches! First pic is of some gals at Ray's a few weeks ago who had just come from a Lady Gaga concert..They were very excited about this..and dressed up for it too..

Then there have been these stalker-ish flyers posted everywhere in my hood from some dame REALLY looking for Miguel after their special time at LIT and then the hotel. The flyer has way too much info on it-more than anyone needs to know. I love it! Does he have a magical penis? She REALLY wants to see him again!

Then I got some pics of an old doll I bought a few days ago..just thought it was great..Mr. Social Security hanging himself..old but a sign of the times. Speaking of LIT, I ended up there last night at 3am for some private was fun dancing around to 80's music with a bunch of strangers until some guy told me I don't floss and when I insisted I did, he got angry and said I was ugly, dumb and had fucked up teeth...Now I may be ugly but I have good teeth and I shoore aint dummmb! Haw!

Anyway, it's good to be back here in the land of blogsville..On tuesday I will have more info about what is going on with Ray's Candy Store..and there is also a benefit for Jim Power the Mosaic Man at theatre 80 tuesday night. East River will play a 25 minute set I believe..I'll blog about that in a day or so.