Extra Stuff...East Fifth Bliss.

I've been doing a bit of extra work lately..Dont have a steady job right now..and I used to love acting so I figured i'd give it a whirl..Besides the sometimes 7am call times I am having fun..Here's a great pic of me at work! Walking like a REAL PEDESTRIAN WOULD! That's right..I'm THAT good! This is from East Fifth Bliss which was written by Douglas Light who used to live on my block..

Then a shot of us extras enjoying the sun on the stoop next to Blue and Gold Bar where we filmed..nice to sit in the sun and people watch..I love stoops!

Then a scene shot in the bar..Lucy Lui and Michael C. Hall are really fucking good..nice people and watching them get into character is fascinating to me..I didn't take pics of them..the most annoying paparazzi in the world was harassing them all day...Plus, I just like being there-I don't want to bug people for their photo. I kept telling he pap he was failing at his job..and singing that Lady Gaga song to him..Don't think he ever got the shot of Lucy he wanted, but he got a lot of me...Haw!

Then there's the film mascot Bella the cat from next door..what a sweetie..though she kept trying to kill birds..

And one of an extra, Ray and I chillaxin'..and a cute shot of Bella getting some love from me..I think I work one more time on this..a barfly..hahaha..Then i'll keep submitting for roles..If I had the dough I'd join the union in a heartbeat..Ah good old mega-millions..I can do it! I get to work in the record store this week too..Well, music and kinda acting..at least I enjoy what I do..Got some gigs coming up soon as well..