So look what I found this morning!

Alright, not the keyboard. The keyboard has been there for years. I'm officially divorcing you right now if you don't know that! But the guitar!

The guitar! Hello?!!

So, 2 questions may come up to your mind. First being, "you can't play shit! Why the hell is the guitar there?!"

Second is, "you can't play shit! Why the hell is the guitar there?!!!!"

It touches me how much faith you have in my musical ability. After all, I'm a very musical person. I watched Les Miserables musical and I didn't fall asleep, I thoroughly enjoyed that. I watched The Sound of Music and Fiddler on The Roof, which are like, the ultimate classic musicals! And I am a certified bathroom singer and a grade 5 organist! (the last was when I was in junior high school. Since then, it has been questionable.)

So what would you doubt my passion for music?! And you're right, I can't play guitar for shit, but hey, I can learn. Right?

(As soon as I stop having long, fully-manicured nails, I will get on that, I promise!)

Alright, who am I kidding? The only person who could play the guitar is my cousin. Tonight we jammed to Justin Bieber's "Baby". Everyone protested but I didn't care, I kept on singing "Baby, baby, baby ohhhhh! Like baby, baby, baby noooooo!" shamelessly.