Happiness Project - Day 3

1. Enjoying hot Milo in the morning has never been this good..
2. Finished my article for today and started a bit for tomorrow.
3. Knocked off a little after six, which was a very rare occasion!
4. Had a really enjoyable time having dinner and talking with my colleague. Thank you for opening up to me. :)
5. She ran out of money on her cash card so we were stuck in the parking lot. We tried asking some random kid to help us top-up the cash card and we would pay him cash in return, and he looked at us so fearfully like we were gonna rob him blind. That was hilarious!
6. In the end, a really nice lady lent us her cash card and we drove away gratefully! Meeting random nice people is the best, don't you agree?

there’s a piece of you that’s here with me. it’s everywhere i go. it’s everything i see.