Headshots, Harlequinn and Pig.

Well, I got some headshots done this week..and thanks to photoshop and me managing to not blink for every photo, some of them came out okay. I mean, every background extra needs headshots..it's not everyday you get to see yourself on TV or in a film walking down the street all blurry-like..I have no new extra jobs this week so I joined UglyNY, which is now called The Agency..maybe this will help some. East Fifth Bliss was fun, but they used me as a barfly like 4 times already so they probably won't use me anymore..The actors were great in it though and it was fun.
Then because this post is just so narcissistic and all I have to include this pic of my cat Harlequinn next to a wooden pig in my apartment..Don't worry-my next post is sure to be a drunken and offensive one! I'm just trying to promote myself right now..Oh yeah, my band is playing The Delancey this thursday the 29th at 11:30pm! Suckers!