Toast on the Coast

One of our fine readers has asked on more than one occasion if we have been able to determine who was invited to enjoy cocktails on the coast in San Francisco last September.

Even though we requested copies of all travel itineraries and travel agent statements from the Chamber of Commerce (which I cannot say were entirely provided) we are still unable to name names other than Rhonda Hughes, who signed the tab for the cocktail party.

Hughes turned in a reimbursement request form that Perry Webb approved. On this form it states the reason for travel is "TRC - San Francisco". But just how did she get to San Francisco without any airfare, lodging or car rental receipts? Is it even possible we just haven't found them yet?

I find it interesting that under the TRC codes of the CoC general ledger, the Hughes reimbursement is not listed, but I find it coded under 60200 (General Reimbursements). Relevant GL pages here.