My prayers are with you.

Today I received a bad news about a dear friend of mine. His father just passed away, and I'm not saying I understand fully how he feels, but I can somewhat relate. And I just feel an overwhelming sense of sadness about what he's going through.

As if the death of a loved one is not devastating enough, I remember after it happened, just like a whirlwind, we still have to deal with a lot of administrative stuffs. That was the worst. From the hospital, we went straight to the funeral home and had everything arranged for the wake sessions. We didn't even have time to stop and feel what's just happened.

Anyway, it's not about me. My thoughts are gonna be with my dear friend. I know I'm not the praying type these days, but I am going to pray for you and your family. Please be strong. I guess we can only take comfort in believing that our dad, our mom who passed away, are in better place right now. That's all we have to believe.