Beerfest Asia 2010! (Day 53)

Alright, so I know I've been lagging with this whole daily blog thing. But hey people! I have life! And job! And shits to do! Places to be! Kids to feed! So, mind the delay.

Last Wednesday my sisters and I and a couple of our friends showed up to check out this year's Beerfest! Last year a friend of mine went to the event and I had intended to come along too. But I think there were some issues with the tickets, because a friend of my friend was the one ordering the tickets online, and I think I let him know a little too last minute for his friend to make some more added bookings. That's why I was so excited to be able to come this year and see what it's all about. My colleague mentioned she's been there a few times over the years and thoroughly enjoyed it, so my sisters and I invited some of our friends to tag along.

The whole gang minus Cous and one of my sis' colleague.

Alright, to sum up the event. Obviously there were lots of beer. Lots and lots of beer. Those that I haven't even heard the names of, those that was milked out of some statue of a cow, those that were displayed by scantily-clad girls (well, actually, most of them were), and well, wasn't that the whole point of a Beerfest?


The place was huge! It consisted of many parts: one being the main area where all the beers were displayed and sold. There were outdoor areas with seats and benches for people to sit down and eat and drink. There were smoking areas with couches, displays of F1 cars on the side, those that we couldn't really admire since we had to pass a grass side (which was wet due to the rain.) On the outdoor parts of the place, there were stands selling sausages, pork knuckles, meat, rojak and other unhealthy things you can think of.

With Sophia and WZ. So glad they could join me!

Chilling out. There was a World Cup match being screened between Chile and what's the name, I can't remember. Too bad it wasn't that interesting!

Anyway, we didn't take that many pictures that night. To be honest, although the event was fun, it wasn't exactly like what I had expected. Still, I'm glad I went. As we made our way back, I was so sleepy! I had like, 4 or 5 glasses of beer altogether, I think. It made me feel slightly stuffy inside, and as much as I love beer, I just dislike the after-taste of it!

Alright! I gotta sleep 'cos I have work tomorrow. More on that later. I have big news to share in the next post! Good night.