France stuff..

Well no pics because that will just have to wait until I return..using someone's laptop to write a quick post..Pretty damn awesome many people who speak english are in town now because of the big wedding tomorrow..i'm not used to it!
Going to a party at a gallery in town tonight..playing a few tunes there too to warm up for the wedding party tomorrow afternoon..lotsa art world and publisher's here now..not sure who everyone is but the awesome Paul Morris is here from NYC..and Pete Poplowski who dressed up like zorro sometimes..not for the wedding though..and Gilbert Shelton famed cartoonist..
I'm taking lotsa pics..just won't get any online until a week and a half now..
After the wedding i'll be online more..may go to Spain for a night and hang out on the beach..The weather here is just like in NYC..muggy and!
More soon!